2011 Film Preview

These are the films that have so far caught my interest for the coming year, some you may have heard of some not but I will try to go see them all.

You may know of my love for Simon Peggs work (Spaced, Shaun of the dead and Hot fuzz). This film although co starring with nick frost is not part of the Blood and Cornetto Trilogy as those films are written with and directed by Edger Wright (Scott Pilgrim Vs the world). But it still looks fun and entertaining.

although the trailer looks a tad crap, I think it will be an interesting superhero movie due to the Seth Rogen comedy element, and the sidekick element something that hasn’t really been looked at in a long time. It is also directed by Michel Gondrey (eternal sunshine of the spotless mind).

This looks like another really interesting piece from Danny Boyle (Slumdog millionaire and Trainspotting). I am currently reading the book of which this true story film is based, and its going to make a gripping film.

We all know that Mel has been in the dumps a bit recently but hopefully that wont stop this film from getting sho0wn over here in the UK as it looks asthough it could be somthing really intresting.

Above this there is one film i must see the trailer for PIRANA 3 DD

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


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