Final Destination Gaff!

On a trip to ASDA today i managed to pick up the Final Destination box set (i belive they called it the Ouadrilogy!) for a £10. Bargin!

While reading the blurb I discovered this little gem.

Not only did the person who wrote this manage to come up with a need term (Keep-you-guessing) it also lies blatantly lies (taps into your deepest fear, cause i aways get scared by nascar, lawnmowers and escalators. But it also manages to under sell and sell this movie at the same time (that delivers the expected), I buy shit movies like these cause I like watching shit movies like these!

Also watch out for the fifth movie in the set out next year some time, with the worst title ever, get ready for this cause its brilliantly crap and looks so bad.



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A Man who has nothing better to do that join all the social networking sites and talk shit.
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