Valentines Day : A True Cynics View

As a bitter twisted cynic I hate Valentines day, it’s a given fact. I hate the commercial way its sold to us, with the cards and flowers and endless streams of chocolates and gifts. I hate the way it singles out singles and for at least one day makes us feel like shit. I hate the way we are bombarded by a holiday that’s not even a real holiday.

As a bitter old-young man I have to say things like ‘Why do couples need a day, romance should be spontaneous’, ‘Its a day designed my card manufactures to make us feel like shit’ and finally ‘Movies and T.V. tell us that we must find the one but its all rubbish there is no one just acceptance’.

All in all Valentines day brings the douche out in me.

But I think truthfully that all us singles and cynics should congratulate couples ‘Good for you’ ‘Well done’. Cause these people have found a happiness that im sure we all will find at some moment in our life however fleeting, short or Brief.

I also want to thank the Movie’s and T.V show’s for showing us the happiness in the world around us, the joys and the struggles as well (because they are there, sadly). They don’t propel a myth they just show us the highlights of life, a montage so to speak.

Happy Valentines Day.


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A Man who has nothing better to do that join all the social networking sites and talk shit.
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3 Responses to Valentines Day : A True Cynics View

  1. Rhys says:

    I mostly agree. having been both a single and half of a couple over the last two valentines, my attitude towards it remained the same: valentines day is just another way for card companies to weed money out of me. I don’t have to buy an extraordinarily large card and a teddy bear to say I love you. If I truly love you, I will give you the same treatment everyday, rather than be cheesy and overboard one day a year. Its pressuring for couples too, mainly the male half, as it forces upon you this cliche overview of relationships, that in most cases is just not true. I suppose you could argue that, like Birthdays are a celebration of being alive, Valentines is a celebration of romance, but then what are anniversaries for? Anniversaries are a much more suitable celebration of relationships because they account for the longevity of the relationship, you are celebrating the fact that you have survived another year with the same person, whereas Valentines happens whether you are 11 months in or 2 days, and they both expect the same treatment.

  2. Sam Sumner says:

    I am impressed with that video.. ❤

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