Your Moms Gonna Hate This

So this is the new advert for video game sequel dead space 2

watch below

So is this really the best way to advertise this game. My Mum hates tortoises does this mean im gonna buy one?…..Well actually yes! I would. But my point is the reason I want one is not due to the fact my mum hates them, but because there fucking cool. So why not make the game look cool the other adverts for the game have shown some quite unimpressive gameplay and visuals, why not try to make them look good ramp up the editing and make a good video game trailer.

I realise that a well made game trailer is very hard to come across, in recent times the Halo trailers have stood out  from the rest

But its a shame that these trailer don’t use game play footage, but i think the problem is that the joy of a video game is that you are in control so when watching a video of someone else playing there is non of that visceral excitement so the only way to achive that is through cinematic shots not available in gameplay.


anyway games people get your thinking caps on i wanna she some cool shit from you know!


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