Drunk As A Baby

Dont you just love it when you take a mate out for a night, to have a bit of a jolly. But that mate of yours has a much more jolly time than you. (By jolly I mean drunk).

Recently I took a mate out to a local club called Sherbet, you know the kind of place that wants to be trendy and indie, sells jelly shots, and pretends to like a band you have never heard off. Well that was the club I was at. My mate got sloshed within ten minutes of being there, then got kicked out for falling asleep on very high stool. I had to take him home, this always happens, you’re the most sober so you have to take them back and nurse them into eating a kebab. I want you to imagine this event was being reconstructed by Crimewatch just as every out of work actor in the UK got struck with a de-age ray. Did it happen to look like this.

Well anyway that was my night ruined, can you imagine all the skins style sexy fun I would have had at the club if my mate hadn’t got pissed as a skunk. I might have met the XX or got of with a sexy girl with a boys haircut and way to much/little make up. I could have punched a man in the face because he reads Mojo rather than NME. Maybe I would have talked rather a lot about how I love photography while sporting a pair of glasses with no mutherfudgeing glass in them.

To be quite honest im glad my mate got drunk.

Cheers Josh.


About lammpost911

A Man who has nothing better to do that join all the social networking sites and talk shit.
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