This Week In YouTube

Well here it is then, the plan is to do a post like this every thursday for the indefinite future, and here’s the idea behind, I show you all the best YouTube videos that I have stumbled across this week.

So lets kick off, this one has been playing constantly in my house for the last week, I managed to catch a repeat of More Four’s new sitcom, Todd Margret (or to give its, its full name The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret) It stars David Cross from arrested development and I have a feeling he was underused as a voice in kung fu panda, but all you need to know it’s an ace show and I suggest you have a look for it on 4od. So without further ado here is the best moment of the series.

Liked the film The kings Speech, who didn’t. Like Rap, who doesn’t! You are going to love this video.Created by ace comic hip hop star Dan Bull.

Having just brought the DVD of social Network (F you! Internet im not swayed by Blu-ray!). I rediscovered all the great piss takes of the fantastic trailer (

Here are my favourite’s

And my Sad half ass atempt at one,  this gem was made when Wagner did a ace rendition of Creep, I just had to make this.


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