So Its The Oscars

Every Blogger in the world is currently typing about the Oscars in a bid to find something funny to say about. This is really bloody hard seeing I didn’t watch it, and have now come to disregard it. Here is how the Oscars lost my respect.

1.Where the heck was Chris Nolan?

Chris Nolan (Director, The Dark Knight and Inception) is surely the best director of his time, a film maker with so much style and grace. I Tell you now in 30 years time people will talk of him in the same way we talk of Hitchcock today, so where the funk was his oscar for best director, HE WAS NOT EVEN NOMINATED! I might have still had a once of respect for them if they had given him a nod, but no! Inception should have gone best film of the year as it was, this was the year that someone proved clever films can be Blockbusters and they can make money. If you’re not going to give the oscar to inception a least give it to The Social network. And im not saying that the kings speech is crap, it anit, but it’s not that good it really isn’t.

2. Where the hell was Garfield!

Andrew that is, he gave a great turn in The Social Network, and he should have got best a nod for best supporting actor, but no!

3.Visual Effects

So this is not the most important award of the year but it normally can show you a good idea of what films this year made good blockbusters.  I think its great that Inception one cause that corridor was so fucking amazing! So here where the nominations

Alice in Wonderland, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1, Hereafter, Inception and Iron Man 2.

I Mean REALLY, Alice in wonderland, its looked cack and was cock, hereafter? are you high! Where the hell is TRON legacy, where is Scott Pilgrim, a film that really used Visual effects as part of the story!

4. Colin Firth

Well done to him, but he should have gotten it last year for A Single Man. END OF! It felt to me that he was getting it this year cause they realised they made a mistake.

Well there you go.

Do you agree, or are you angry at my angry rant if so comment and subscribe.


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