Adam & Joe Double News Attack

So this week we have had a double batch of news from Adam Buxton and Joe Cornish. You may now them for there 90’s Channel Four Comedy show, or there BBC 6 Music Radio Show, If you don’t know them check them out, NOW! BELOW!

Here is a clip from their radio show that was animated for YouTube

So News Number One

After a Big ass break from their hilarious radio show, they have announced they will be back in there Saturday morning slot (10 till 1) from the start of april. YAY!

Here is what Adam had to say about it

“I can’t wait to get back to our show on Saturdays, I’ve really missed doing it. Not that I haven’t been every bit as busy as Joe. I’ve created several new filing systems for my CD’s and DVD’s, successfully reunited over 20 odd socks with their partners and learned to understand the language of ants (though I’m finding Decs more of a problem). It’s been fun but I’m looking forward to talking rubbish and playing brilliant music with Joe again.”

News Number Two

Joe has been away for a reason. He has been making his first film Attack the block, it just wrapped two days ago, he was on Film 2011 last night and the first trailer was released today. Let your eyes drift below to take a peek.

P.s. Joe Cornish was a film student at the same uni as me, along with Edgar Wright (Shaun of the dead and Scott Pilgrim vs the world). This makes me very proud.

P.P.s. Joe and edgar have written the script for speilbergs new titin film! WOOP!


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