Would You Fly With These Guy’s?

Okay long time no speak, sorry bout that, the internet dried up and all the interesting stuff disappeared so I was left playing angry birds.

But Air New Zealand have come to my rescue, as they have just released their new in flight safety video online to the YouTube Community. I will say one thing before I show it to you, these people are in charge of you safety, your life is in their hands as you hover in a tin bird over raging oceans and rocky mountains.

So we are treated to Richard Simmons an american Mr Motivator, screaming instructions about how I must save my life, if I die. Just because statistically it wont happen doesn’t mean it wont happen. PLEASE TAKE MY LIFE SERIOUSLY! It’s not like this is a charted flight to Ibiza with easy jet, this is Air New Zealand, picture BA’s new video, in which Dale Winton, Plays a game of Supermarket Sweep, with the pilots to show us where the large inflatable life jackets are. Or maybe Anne Widicombe and Anton De Bec dancing down the ailse to help show us the light strips that come on in darkness. Well at least its not Ant and Dec.

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