This Week In YouTube: Friday, Friday, Talking Babies On A Friday

So this week I have been busy promoting the work off shelterbox and rasing money for a charity hitchhike, if you could all donate pocket-money before you read this weeks blog that would be great Thank You

Well Back to Work

Friday, joy oh joys this is still going on, although I present to you two very different manners that the video has evolved

A re-dub

and a very grand orchestra arrangement, that finally mates the song sound good?

I also stumbled upon this great short film, that mixes some great dances with clever sound editing and music, give it a look

I will Leave you with cute freaking baby’s doing baby stuff

See you next time and don’t forget to donate to the great cause that is shelter box you can so through my just giving page Peace Off!


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A Man who has nothing better to do that join all the social networking sites and talk shit.
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