I Cover Rebecca Black!

Today I covered Rebecca Black. Not in my scorn or hate, today I post a true cover of one Rebecca Black’s greatest work, Friday.

I got bored, so I did this a Uke cover/re-imagening of the hit song that is taking YouTube by storm. I have tried to make it bearable and have also at the same time made it worse. I apologise for the high squeaky ending, I just tried it out and could not be bothered edit it out.

So here we go.

This is all for a good cause, ShelterBox. A Great Charity that helps out in disaster zones all over the worlds supplying emergency shelter. And that is all because I am going on a charity hitchhike in easter, so please donate as much as possible.




About lammpost911

A Man who has nothing better to do that join all the social networking sites and talk shit.
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