Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2: Review: Part 1 of 1 Part.

This is it then: The last stand. The final conflict. The end of an ‘era. After 1,178 minutes of screen time over eight films in ten years, with over six billion Benjamin’s in the bank and four trillion different posters littering the internet, Harry Potter and the Remarkable Franchise is finally over. Unless of course you count the DVD and Blu-ray re-releases that’ll pop up every five years from now until we all die, the inevitable theatrical re-release of the entire series in 3D and the 2027 reboot starring Justin Bieber’s son.

For now, though, the final film is where it’s at, and like every other Harry Potter film, it’s flawed, confusing and occasionally frustrating. And, like every single other Harry Potter film, it’s brilliant.

As expected, it’s a considerably more action-packed affair than its mostly tent-based predecessor, but that’s not to say that it’s lacking in depth. Yes at times important moments seem to be skipped over in particular the big revel of Snape seems to be a bit rushed and less powerful than I was hoping, but that could all be due to the little shits in front of me who thought that it would be a great time to spill there flagon of Cola and laugh!

I say this but at a few moment’s I welled up that’s no mean feat for a franchise that’s usually more comfortable being spectacular rather than poignant. Elsewhere there are moments of savage violence, striking beauty and surreal horror that might have felt out of place in earlier, fluffier Potter adventures but here feel perfectly at home, these are film’s that have well a truly grown up with its audience. THIS IS NOT A KIDS FILM!

Of course, like most of its brethren, it’s not perfect. Some of the CG sequences feel markedly sloppy, especially when compared to similar scenes from 2009′s dazzling Half-Blood Prince. Equally, the strain of tying up a decade’s worth of loose ends starts to show as the film gets closer and closer to its final moments. And yeah, the epilogue’s not great. (I will leave it at that)

Shout out for this guy.

Who knew a young man with such magnificent taste in cardigans could be so badass?

Looking back on a decade of Harry Potter films, it seems impossibly reductive to label the series a ’franchise’, thereby lumping it in with shit like the Transformers, Saw and Shrek movies. Yes, first and foremost they exist to make a fuckload of money, but across ten years, eight films and four directors, the boy wizard’s cinematic outings have time and time again put stories, characters and emotions before big-budget set pieces, stunt casting or merchandising opportunities.

Deathly Hallows Part Two continues this trend with massive success, and once again ably demonstrates David Yates’ perfect understanding of the Potter story. Sure, it’ll probably do very little to convert lifelong Harry haters, but if they haven’t seen the error of their ways by now then chances are they’re never going to learn.

Goodbye Mr. Potter.


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