One Massive Fringe Adventure!

Last week I went on holiday, not to a sunny place like Madrid or America, not to an exotic destination like India or Japan. Oh no. I went someone much grayer and colder than that, I went to Edinburgh, Scotland. Now i know your all asking “Callum, oh Callum, why on earth did you go to the one place more rainy than your home town for your summer holidays?” Well the reason for braving the highland weather was for the Edinburgh Fringe festival, one of the world’s largest arts events. With over 369 venues, 40’000 performers and 1 million visitors, the fringe really is the Mecca of all things theatre based.

Yesterday I started to write a set of reviews for the 5 best shows I had seen during my week at the fringe, then I realised I was crap at writing reviews. I gave up and started again with a set of lazy reviews.

And here is a super fast Gif of the rest of the shows I was able to catch, but not arsed to review.

The fringe continues until the 29th of august so if you are in the land of the scotch then check it out.

When you get to Edinburgh for your  cultural nourishment you will realise that there is a hell of a lot to see and you will have no idea of what to watch, do you risk it for the biscuit and go and see the show, you just got the leaflet for (if it was handed to you by some GSCE drama students from Colchester, who were dressed in nothing but fish net tights give it a miss) or do you plan your day. The correct answer is to plan, what you will need to find a programme, this year they look  like this.

With one of these beasts (they are 360 pages big) you will see a listing for every show, and the entry’s will look a bit like these. (although these are hilarious comedy fake ones!!!!(what a tit!))

When I was up there I had the happy joy of walking into the following famous comedians and having some little chats with them.

You are going to have to take my word for this as I took no photos at all of any of these encounters, due to the fact the memory on my phone was taken up by this stupid headline.

Do they not have a word for UFO in Scotland, and the picture of the alien from  the film Mars Attacks used to describe what an alien might look like, why not just use a picture of a toaster, it might look like that!

Callum Stewart signing off, till next time. Bye!


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