This Week In YouTube:Oh NONONONO Its More Cats – Now With Added Beyonce

The weekly feature I used to run about YouTube’s highlights, that none of you asked to have returned is back! Each weekend (Depending on how lazy I am) I will post a selection of the funniest, stupidest and sometimes bestest videos the funniest, stupidest and sometimes bestest video site in the world has to upchuck.

We start season two with this little gem. (I found this before RUSSEL HOWARD, I always do!)

This trailer for a new YouTube movie looks like a live action Thunderbirds (We are all ignoring that one with Bill Paxton and Sir Ben of Kingsley), but with added smoking and Nazi’s

Ever wondered how all the cat videos get made? If the answer is “Hell Yes” then you need to check out the work of Kittywood Studios

And to end tonight’s Blog Post we have a very ‘special’ performance from one of Beyoncé’s fan’s

If there is anything you think I need to see then post it in the comments below. See you soon. Bye.




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