Why the BBC Might As Well Call Christmas Off!

The BBC’s new promo for its Christmas line-up: the video equivalent of your gran complaining that the turkey’s a bit dry and observing that there are “a lot of blacks” on ‘Songs of praise this week’
Pretty good year the BBC’s had, if you ask me. Frozen Planet, more fantastic Doctor Who, finally axing My Family and so on. So what better way to round it off than with a promo showcasing all the brilliant stuff it’s got lined up over the Christmas period?


Call me a great big humbug-chewing, reindeer-dodging, already-got-enough-socks-thanks-all-the-sameing Scrooge, but everyone who participated in this video should be rounded up and shot. (With the exception of the The Doctor and the Gruffalo, because I’m not sure I could face explaining that to a small child.)

Do you reckon HBO are shooting a promo at the moment with Tony Soprano,  Larry David and the bloke off Boardwalk Empire with half a face are dancing round in front of a log fire wearing Rudolph jumpers? No they fucking aren’t. For they know Christmas is a time of misery and torment. If I wanted to look at Michael McIntyre dancing with Bruce Forsyth – wait, forget that – if I wanted to look at Michael McIntyre doing anything at all, or even acknowledge his existence, I’d have bought one of the thirty identical DVDs he’s bringing out over the Christmas period.

I’m dreading having to watch this at all points of the day for the next five weeks, The idea of Nick Knowles and that bald one of master chef playing a stupidly long piano, that Graham Norton couldn’t even managed to mime on earlier in this weird D-list celeb house party.

P.S. What is David Jason looking at? Ghosts? Memory’s of when he was better than all this?

P.P.S I guess they couldnt get the rights to twister?

P.P.P.S What Is that Cyberman doing to The Doctor?


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