I have had an idea, while talking to a mate on Facebook; Robocop was playing on the telly.


I typed.

The reply came as followed



“I thought you were going to say something amazing, minus 1 cool point”

The conversation then veered between Robocop, The Only Way Is Essex and Turtle Prostitutes then onto the St Trinians films. I had not seen any of them (old or new) and I doubt I would have, had this not been said.

“I’ll watch Robocop, if you watch St Trinians?”

Why don’t we swap films, I will watch St Trinians If you Watch Robocop, we can then report back to each other (and I can take the piss out of you!)

So with a new incentive I set about watching the new 2007 St Trinians film, but only so someone else would be introduced to the beauty that is Robocop.

So I set about watching St Trinians and this was all I could think about.


All in all, St Trinians is a nice bit of fluff, but for a girl’s school, where all they do is have fun, the people having the most fun are the adults. Rupert Everett in drag seems to have more fun being in the film then I do watching it. Lacking any really sharp dialogue, the film just about goes the distance by juggling its characters in short, sketch-like scenes and inserting occasional musical montages.

So there we go St Trinians, I pass on the Gauntlet to Emilié to watch Robocop.

And if there are any films that you think I should watch or any that you think I should endure then leave a comment, and I will find you a movie to swap.


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3 Responses to THE BIG MOVIE SWAP

  1. Jay says:

    Films that I want to watch you squirm at whilst watching them:

    Mean Girls
    A Cinderella Story
    Balls of Fury (We all know the only good part about that film is Christopher Walken playing a… chinese guy…)
    High School Musical 2 + 3
    Camp Rock.

    Film swap me bitch.

  2. lammpost911 says:

    Well Jay I kind of like Mean girls so i cant go about watching that can I, I havent even seen the first hight school musical so i can be doign that, how about I watch the Balls Of Fury! and in return you can watch either of these, try and pick one you have never seen and dont plan on seeing.
    The Thing (jon carpenter)
    Modern Times (a classic chaplin film)
    Matchstick Men (the rage cage and sam rockwell, do well)
    and finally
    Worlds Greatest Dad (Robin Williams in his first good film in years)

    • Jay says:

      I think I shall watch all four films, though I have seen The Thing (it’s always fun to watch again)
      And Robin Williams only petered out for me after The Bicentennial Man

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