My Top 5 Films Set At Christmas But Not Really About Christmas At All.

Just because a film is set a christmas doesnt make it a christmas film, there is a certain amount of christmas fun that needs to be central to the plot for it to count. This isn’t a list of those films this is a list of films, that just happen to be set in a winter wonderland. This is my top 5, films that just happen to be set at christmas.

Admittedly, apart from Michelle Monaghan’s Santa outfit this isn’t a very Christmas-centric movie. But then again, for many viewers that fur-trimmed little red number is the very essence and spirit of Christmas in one neat package, so perhaps that’s good enough. Also, judging by the box-office figures you probably haven’t seen this one, and it’s worth seeking out Shane Black’s twisted, delirious take on the film noir, as thief-turned-actor Downey and private eye Kilmer investigate a murder in Christmas time LA and trade insults like most people trade presents. Both funny and peculiar, in that there’s nothing quite like it out there, and funny ho-ho

Why yes, it’s a Christmas movie! Tim Burton’s second Batman outing manages the difficult trick of juggling multiple villains and some Yuletide greetings, and teaches us the useful lesson that mistletoe can be deadly if you eat it (although a kiss can be even deadlier if you mean it). Batman, Catwoman, the Penguin and Max Schrek tussle through a Gotham nestling under a snowy Christmas blanket and even use the decorations against each other when necessary. Christmas trees: a handy hiding place for bats. Who knew? It’s also a hugely underrated action / comic book romp, which deserves far more love just for the way that Michelle Pfeiffer purrs.

Everyone wants to be in Bruges at Christmas. Everyone except Ray (Colin Farrell) who deems it a “fucking shithole” on arrival. There’s little evidence of the Christmas spirit elsewhere either, as Ray and fellow hitman Ken blunder their way through the darker recesses of the Venice of the North. There’s plenty of merry, though – nothing screams Christmas more than a racist dwarf getting karate chopped. With just the right amount of dark and funny, its genuinely touching at points. It also manages to amazing task of making Bruges look like the most boring and beautiful place at the same town, its gorgeously shot and its a master class in film making dark comedy’s without being flippant and stupid.

I found it really hard to fit this film in, it’s very Christmas based, but it doesn’t fit with the rest of them and I really wanted to write about it, as its often overlooked, so it got placed here.

It’s a strange feat for a film all about money and spending it, to not give a monkeys about it, the film is about the loss of a family member and the struggle it takes to get back on with life. At first glance, one might not associate Millions with its director, Danny Boyle. It’s a sweet family film worlds apart from some of his other work (Trainspotting, 28 Days Later, 127 Hours). Upon closer inspection, however, it is the directorial flair and personal touches he brings that make Millions as successful as it is. Damian’s flights of fancy, as he converses with dead saints and religious figures, are whimsical while remaining absolutely grounded. Several truly frightening moments also benefit from Boyle’s aptitude for horror, but more than anything, the characters are well-defined and absolutely authentic. Perhaps the single best descriptor of this film is, “sweet”, or maybe even, “whimsical”, terms which may scare some viewers off. Those concerned need not fear, as there are dramatic stakes as well as an overall tinge of sadness that keep the movie from venturing into the sugary-sweet realm of many family films, particularly set around Christmas. Nothing in Millions hasn’t been said before, and said well, but Boyle’s direction and several performances make the familiar revelations engaging and worth spending a bit of time on.

The best christmas movie ever made? NO WAY! But its arguably the greatest action movie ever made. Bruce Willis’ John McClane may seem like an unlikely Santa Claus – he doesn’t have enough hair for one – but what better Christmas present is there than the gift of terrorists getting taken down as they try to take Nakatomi Plaza hostage during a Christmas party in order to carry out an elaborate theft? christmas movies may be all about Christmas trees, or the sight of people in ill-advised knitwear drinking eggnog. But to me nothing says deck the halls like jumping off a roof tied to a fire hose, and nothing says season of goodwill like a machine gun. Ho ho ho.

So there we go guys, but did I miss anything, leave a comment below and Blah blah blah.

I genuinely hope you all have a very merry christmas.

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