The Golden Globes: Live Blog: No Longer Live!

  • Seeing that university has turned me into an insomniac, I thought I might as well turn this new-found nocturnalism into some bloging. Join me, as no-one joins me in staying up stupidly late to watch the Golden Globes!

  • This news show is too much like anchorman, they even laughed at the classic “end of show, animal news”. Tonight it was a cute dog that was a ring bearer at a wedding!
  • I am dying of tedium poisoning. ALL THIS TALK OF DRESSES!
  • Ryan Seacrest, must have a picture of an old and decaying version of him self as HE DOES NOT AGE!
  • They have a special camera that zooms down to the floor to get a shot of the dress, if only it had a small flashing red dot in the corner, next to the words “DRESS CAM”
  • I quote “Oh My God Brad just walked around the car to open the door for Angelina, like a real person would, he is so romantic”

  • Ryan Seacrest just interviewed Brad Pitt and a stick.
  • The Show hasn’t even started yet, but im on the verge of giving up, I’m just waiting for something like this
  • They even have a Matrix style camera, for the BLOODY DRESSES! THE GLAM CAM 360! I DONT WANT TO LIVE ON THIS PLANET ANY MORE!
  • Its official, if I become famous and attend an awards show, when ever I’m asked “What are you wearing?” the answer will always be “A suit!”
  • I have heard Work It! hasn’t been nominated for best T.V. Comedy…..What a shame! (Please detect sarcasm)  

  • DOWNTON, DOWNTON! FUCKING DOWNTON! I CAN’T THINK OF ANYTHING FUNNY TO SAY! I still don’t get the whole Downton thing, whys it so popular. I mean it’s not in any way revolutionary its just old people, in old costumes and old house’s!
  • Kate Winslets here, better get the tarpaulin out, as the water works might well be turned on.
  • Im Starting to give up now! PLEASE GIVE ME STRENGTH!
  • My interest is going, due to the fact that none of the nominated shows are either Community, Doctor Who or 30 Rock.

  • I’m just going to put this out there, but Madonna see’s to be a bit of a bitch! Plus where is the nomination for The Muppets this song alone is better than all the nominations!
  • Yep I’m handing the towel in! Its all just lots of TV dramas I have yet to see, and after an hour there has been nothing as good as this gem from a few years back
  • So I back, last night was one of the biggist pieces of ass lickery I have seen, but I did find the one moment I was waiting for, tina fey photobombing. So until I see you next time, enjoy.

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