Its Oscar Live Blog Time!

Join me, as I watch the Oscars (For watch read “watch first two hours then give up”)

        •  Wow! MTV: Live From The Red Carpet! Has got the all the big stars and the big exclusives. They are talking to  MORGON SPURLOCK!!! You know Morgon Spurlock! The Super Size Me guy! Yep the next few hours are going to be painful!

        • While we all wait for something slightly interesting to happen, let’s have a look at Seth Rogen telling it like it is.

        • Toby Young (Film Reviewer for The Sun) is a real fucking dick.

      • So I’m handing the towel in, its record time of only 2:30 hours, but due to crap internet and lack of streams I will call it quits.
      • Before I go here is my prediction on tonights winners.

About lammpost911

A Man who has nothing better to do that join all the social networking sites and talk shit.
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