The Teaser Trailer ²

Recently something weird started happening to the world of the teaser trailer, Normal the teaser will run for just over a minute and will give the audience a brief visual introduction to the film. There has been a development in these teasers. We now have Teasers for teasers, the new Joseph Gordon Levitt film Looper, Had a total of three of these Teaser ² before the real teaser was released.


The new Total Recall film had one that announced that the trailer will be released soon.


When will this stop. Posters for Teasers of teasers for films made entirely of trailers for upcoming teasers? I would understand a bit more if it was films with a large fanbase and a built-in hype, such as Prometheus (who did have a teaser, teaser) but both Total and Looper although good-looking and exciting ideas are not on the top of many people’s list of must see’s. People aren’t going to be queuing up to see these trailers, so why pad out there releases in such a strange manner. If they want to intrigue me, they should take a look out of the Prometheus book, with this new Viral released today.


I am well and truly sold on the possible Alien prequel, and I believe that film’s as intriguing as Looper or Recall could work some viral magic. I guess I just prefer to be kept in the dark about things, Where as Prometheus’ viral work has explored some themes and characters of the film’s world, I feel I have now seen way to much of Looper of Recall for my own liking.


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