Why Justin Bieber Has Ruined Twitter!

Not a day can go past without something Justin Bieber related trending on twitter. It used to be easy to avoid, simply don’t follow these people and don’t click on the links.  But things have started to take a turn for the worse. Yesterday the phrase Tom and Jerry was trending! Yay! I thought I love Tom and Jerry their fun and slightly Un-P.C. Antics might be just what I need today. I was hoping for a wall of links to classic clips on YouTube, maybe some news about a new film or something positive, I was even prepared for the horrible news that might be the death of a voice artist our creator. But No!

The Bieber fans (I Believe they call themselves Belieber’s, but I won’t endorsed that bull crap, so from now on I will call then “Idiot Teens”) had for some fucking reason fooled me into the middle of their propaganda shit storm! Tom and Jerry seemed to be some sort of reference to the small teenage lesbian’s penis!

Nothing is safe anymore! It used to be easy to separate these Idiot Teens from the rest of us, firstly the plan was the move of Facebook and to twitter, then they polluted that. The trending topics kept us safe for a bit, then they broke into the real world!

Twitter used to be a very intellectual site, full of opinions about piracy and wars and riots! Now it’s just the Idiot Teens diluting anything good down to a watery paste of main stream pop culture and pointlessness.

Callum out. (Drops mic!)


About lammpost911

A Man who has nothing better to do that join all the social networking sites and talk shit.
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