Journey To Middle Earth – The Fellowship (A Review In Meme)

So last night, I sat down to watch the Fellowship of the Ring, what felt like seven days later I emerged into a cold winter’s night (It was hot and its June, But Cold Winter just sounds more dramatic).  During the walk home I had to assess a few things. One of those was whether I enjoyed what I just watched. Basically the answer is Kind off…Maybe….Yes?

Now before I start I want to make you aware I was watching the extended edition of the film, and yes I was watching as Jackson had intended his epic to be watched.

The bit where I kind of review the film in a flippant way.

The film was long enough before Jackson went metal and chucked all the deleted scenes that where cut for a reason, back into the film. It’s on two bloody disc’s for Christ sakes! I went into that film at half 7 and left at half 11! (That’s with the 15 minute crumpet break we had in the middle)

It might be me, but other than some business with a magical ring, I found it very hard to follow. I felt like I was being left out of the fun due to the fact I didn’t have an encyclopaedic knowledge of the book before I sat down. Luckily I had a guide to the world in the form of matt and Walter who both helped me makes heads and tails of all the elves, orcs and dwarfs.

Don’t get me wrong though; there are many merits to the film.

The special effects where mind-blowing for the time and budget, the cast Jackson managed to assemble is fantastic and the action (when it finally happens) is perfectly constructed.

I feel the main problem that I have with LOTR is that it feels less like a film and more like a visual companion to the books.  Where Harry Potter managed to break free of its source novels and become its own beast, while still remaining true to the sprit and feel of the books, LOTR: TFOTR felt like a slave to Tolkien’s work (which I haven’t read, just so you know). I longed for the film to pick up pace and become an adventure rather than a chore.

Sorry guys.


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