Journey To MiddleEarth – The Two Towers.

After I made may way though the Fellowship it seemed silly not to continue my cultural exchange trip to Matt’s house with Walter by his side. I had to finish what I had started, it was time to undertake Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers: The Extended Cut! And Undertake was just what I did at 223 minutes it really was a slog, Its 2.753086419753086 Toy Story’s  long.

The length again is the main problem with these films, and I understand watching these extended cuts aren’t the best idea for a first time ringer but it’s all I have to hand. The film has major pacing problems, for example whenever I get invested in Frodo and Sam, we end up travelling half way across middle earth to look at some king we have never met before for over 45 minutes (Just over half a Toy Story!). This means when we finally get back to our hero’s we have forgotten what they’re doing and why we cared for them in the first place.

Again the visuals are superb, but only in parts. Gollum is a really amazing feat and the work there still stand up, but Marry and Poppins sitting on a giant walking tree looks like a small child was given the whole of Weta workshop and taught how to use green screen in an hour.

The Problem with my review is that I didn’t even watch the whole film. At the last hurdle I went into the sleep position on the sofa and it was the death of me. I ended up having a little snooze, so I truly have failed my task, but I will still stumble on and finish of the trilogy and watch Return of the king to complete my trip to Mordor (does anyone else think they say Mordor in the say way Taggart said murder?)


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