Its Way To Long. “Thats what she said!”

Recently I set about to watch the whole of the lord of the rings trilogy and I managed to work my way though two-thirds of the epic journey when I hit a stumbling block! The staggeringly long running time of the final film. I understand that I was watching the extended edition and that this is longer than the normal cut. But surely if  P.J. Jackson filmed it, he must have wanted to put it on-screen (you don’t simply chuck money away like that for an extended edition DVD).

This along with other things has made me ask the question what is the optimal running time for a movie?

I believe that a man once said somewhere in a book or something

“There is a real art of something to having some sort of time constraints kinda thing”

As far as im concerned, there is a skill to telling a story in 1 hour 45 minutes. This is why I have problems with Quentin Tarantino. Don’t get me wrong Q.T. Is a great director with an amazing set of skills under his belt, but one of them is not story editing! I just wish one day a Hollywood producer would stand over his shoulder and tell him that “This has to be shorter than two hours”. That day would be amazing!

And I’m not saying that all films with a long running time are bad, nor and I’m saying that a short running time is good, but we just he to take a step back, and realise that the extended cut is not always better! There is normally a reason it was cut out of the main film!

I will leave you with this silly and clunky analogy.

You know how big a novel should be! Imagine if the new sequel to 50 Shades of Grey came out and it was the size of a mini fridge. At first it would be great “More book for your buck!” they would say if this was a stupid world full of those kinds of people. But after nearly four mouths of reading this one book, you would realise that you’re sick of it and that your shoulder hurts from carrying it about in your handbag all the time. You just wouldn’t be too pleased with the book as a whole once you had finished it.

The book is a movie. Get it.

p.s. The analogy also works with ice cream.

p.p.s Sorry for the lack of fun photoshoped pictures in this post. As a form of apology I have included my current screen saver for you.




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