The Inevitable Comic-Con Round up!

I’m going to go out on a whim here and do a blog about comic-con as I have a feeling that most bloggers forgot.

Well rather than a comic con round-up, it’s going to look more like a Edgar Wright round-up!

First things first, The Worlds End now has a poster, and it’s really nice.

I mean just look at it!

Second things second.


ITS OFFICAL ITS HAPPENING! Once Worlds End finishes shooting, the cameras will start rolling on Ant Man. Wright brought some test footage to the con, to show fans. As of yet the footage has not turned up online and I think I’m going to wait until it becomes more that five pixels floating about in a black mess of Geek. There is no news on casting yet for our hero, Dr Hank Pym.  If this all works out, as planed it looks like we might have a new member of The Avengers nect time around!

If you want more Comic Con news go to a proper fucking website.



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