Prominent C**ts – A Review Of Keith Lemon: The Film

Yesterday, long time friend of the Blog, Michael (not the documentarian) Moore, decided we should go watch Keith Lemon: The Film. In My defence I was in town and had a few hours to kill between my two jobs (Believe it or not no one pays me to do this!!!) plus I got in for free.

On leaving the cinema I had one thing to say,

To any of you who know me that will come as a shock. Adam Sandler’s Pièce de résistance, had story and plot, it even tried to make jokes! Keith Lemon had on my count a total of three jokes, two of them I have already seen as they were in the FUCKING TRAILER!

And the Cameos! Here is the definition of “Cameo Role” from

PLEASE TELL ME HOW any of the following cunts are Prominent! (Celebs are ranked in order of cunt-ishness, Starting at the least cuntish and moving down)

Billy Ocean is better than this. That song is good, I danced to that song at the year five school disco; don’t lower yourself even further Mr. Ocean

Because the whole hour and half experience was so painful there was little to do but look for positives. It was like searching for a needle in a haystack, locked in a safe, buried in one of seven locations across the globe, and behind a door with a sign on saying beware of the leopard. But I found one, this guys seems nice.

He had a nice on-screen presence and it was all going quite well until the sequence in with he turned into an angel!  (SPOILERS! Oh too late, deal with it! Its your own bloody fault if you wanna go see it any way) In his defence he did drunkenly ram into the diary room on Big Brother, so he is allowed to do whatever he wants to do!

Trying to find a way to wrap up this blog, so i will just leaving you with this words of wisdom for those planing to go watch Keith Lemon: The Film.



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