From The Red Carpet!

I don’t know whether this is just happening at Odeon cinemas or if it’s been rolled out over all the chain, but there are two mother fuckers that need to be stop. They can be identified by the short height and lack of character, the fact that they talk though all the films they watch and by the fact that they are fucking M&M’s!

At the beginning of every film, we now get a short TV style interview for an upcoming release hosted but Red and Yellow M&M’s, not too bad an idea but the execution of FTRC is horrible.

Dear Mars Corporation

When did it become acceptable for you
to simply stick arms and
legs onto a product and call it
a mascot! The only character that 
these characters have is that they are
annoying twats. While I’m 
talking about lazy, RED AND YELLOW! 
That’s seriously the names of these guys,
did the marketing team simply come up with
this in tenminutes.

Yours faithfully Callum.

While I keep going on about Red and Yellow (Really Guys!), they aren’t the only culprits. We also have this twat to thank.

I can’t pin point what it is, hence why I can’t write anything better, but he really pisses me off, he’s smarmy and unfunny to the core. With a lack of interviewing skills, he is unable to get anything vaguely interesting out of the stars, meaning all we get is an explanation of the plot, and seeing as we have normally seen the full trailer before hand at some point it’s just a waste of time. I’m not asking for a lot just a funny on set anecdote, Rather than this badly edited sound bite of pointless key words and phrases.

That is an answer to the question “Are you nervous about taking on this franchise.”

And finally my last bone to pick with this thing, the scrolling text bar must be so easy to create simply write the name of a popular film, add the words sequel or spin-off, and then add either a question mark or an Explanation mark at the end simple. You now have one simply made set of rumours ready to stick on the bottom of your dressed up advert, for a snack that the Odeon cinema DOSENT EVEN SELL!

CALLUM OUT! (Drops mic)




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