Films of the Year 2012

Yes, it’s that time of year once again: the time when I spend a week and a half reformatting the list of my favourite movies of the year and you spend 10 seconds scrolling through them to see what’s at number one.

Bu to start things of here are the other 56 films that I saw this year

the films that didnt make it

And know onto the main event.

RUST AND BONEDark knight risesFrankenweenieSafety not gaurenteedBraveParaNormanAmazing spider manArgoThe masterRise of the GuardiansIndie game21 jump streetThe ArtistLooperSkyfallUNTOUCHABLEDredd 3DAvengers AssembleThe Muppets 2011Cabin in the woods


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A Man who has nothing better to do that join all the social networking sites and talk shit.
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