So you what me to share the experience! WELL HERE WE GO!

Last week I went to see Ang Lee’s Boat-palooza Life of Pi. First things first its ace. If I hadn’t already made the Films of 2012 list it would have skyrocketed into the top five.

It’s beautiful and charming and clever and entertaining, for a film that deals with existentialism it has a hell of a lot of fun. The story of a boy in a boat with a tiger is not one that you immediately goes hand in hand with “THE MOVIES” but it’s more MOVIE than most movies. I feel the need to say the word movie some more, so here we go! Life of pi is a movie that perfectly balances the large scale Movie going experience and the small detailed life of the movie’s title perfectly.

As with all blog posts of mine, I need to have a rant at something so here we go!

As I sat down to watch Life of Pi, I nestled into my super expensive chicken coup, and looked up at the screen to see the traditional Black BBFC title card. This counts as the begging of the movie (Don’t run away now, it’s not a rant about people using phones! Trust me!) This is when the movie starts, but oh no! OHHHH NNOOOO!

Instead I watched another advert! For the movie Life of Pi, it wasn’t encouraging me to watch the film, see I already was! It was telling me to “Share the experience”. Share the Experience! SHARE THE EXPERIENCE! It then flashed this on screen.



I am trying really hard to not smash my keyboard up while typing this! BY SITTING IN THE CINEMA! I AM SHARING THE EXPERIENCE  We do not need to encourage people to tweet during a movie! We really don’t, people are fucking rude enough to do it all of their own backs if they want to. It’s not an episode of The only way is Essex, can you picture going to the movies and having to watch An Oscar Nominated film with the Hash tag on the screen!


Its annoyed me to such a degree I refuse to tweet about it! I would have most likely raved about the film on tweeter but this blatant piece of douche-bagery  has put me of doing nothing of the sort.

Its douchey because its in the film, its not during the adverts at the start its part of the movie, built into the digital hard copy of the film!

Its not even waiting until the film has finished its asking me to promote the film during the film!

I just….. I…..I…..ARGH!

I’m finding it hard to finish this blog post off.

So there!

P.s. This is post number 200, so well done me!


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A Man who has nothing better to do that join all the social networking sites and talk shit.
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