Its Review O’Clock: Django Unchained

Recently I have grown tired of Tarantino.

This is not to say I don’t like his work, but I feel he has simply lost his way, Everything after Kill Bill Vol 2 Has been overlong, bloated and self indulgent. That’s not to say he is isn’t a smart writer/director who knows what he is talking about, because he is, But I often feel he needs to have an editor stand over his shoulder to tell him this film can’t be any longer than 2 hours. If this was to happen I would be much happy to jump on the QT band wagon.

Django Unchained poster

During the first two hours of Django I was fully on the unchained express all the way to finale town, because we had a witty tension filled film. In Django Quentin is being his most fun and enjoyable since the first Kill Bill. The writing is fantastic providing some real juicy dialogue for all involved (but a shout out must go to Waltz and Jackson who steal the show) the film is stylistically directed paying tribute to grind house cinema without resorting to the normal self contractually crap we saw in Death Proof. Django is two hours of fantastic gripping well made joy, with half an hour of crap tagged on the end.

The minute the film takes it noise dive is during QT’s now legendary cameos, attempting an Australia accent but managing to sound more cockney than Dick Van Dyke ever did, Quentin’s role marks where the film noise dives. I will try not to spoil things from now one so excuse the strange lack of context. We get the ending we need, Django gets his prize so to speak, and just as you think the credits will role, where the negative should be cut and we get another half hour of slightly pointless dilemma. It’s a massive shame because this is what I left the cinema with, another slightly overlong Tarantino film.

Don’t get me wrong it’s great and well worth a watch, but he shoots himself in the foot towards to the end.

Don’t worry Classic QT I’m sure we will meet again.


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